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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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what are you really buying? a shiny coat of paint? a list of atures? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme sittions? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means to own a mercedes-benz. the c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial. ♪ breaking developments coming in from west virginia as rescuers continue to search for survivors in a coal mine explosion. the eagle has landed. donovan mcnabb is in washington tonight. what he is doing on the eve of his formal introduction. the government is telling toyota to pay up for knowingly hiding a
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dangerous defect. >> of live, and then h. d., this is abc7 breaking news. >> breaking news coming in from west virginia were dozens of rescuers are searching at this hour to find missing miners after an explosion. we are monitoring the new developments. jay, what have you learned? >> we are 30 miles west of charleston west virginia. teams are working to find and free more than one dozen trapped monday afternoon, an explosion rocked the energy company in raleigh county west virginia. safety officials at the scene say that the underground explosion killed seven workers and injured others and has left
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19 miners and accounted for. at 9 rescue teams have converged on the site to help find survivors. >> we have rescue teams that are underground and advancing as quickly as possible towards the locations that we think the miners should be located. >> all we can do is come together and pray. we are all coal mining families. >> investigators say that it is too early tonow the cause of the explosion, but this is known for large amounts of methane gas which have been blamed for fatal mining accidents. offials stressed that in this case, two chambers that were stocked with food, water and stocked with supplies seemed to be close to the site of the explosion and it is hopeful that the miners are there, waiting
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for help. >> they have the ability to have 96 hours of oxygen. we have time on our side. the gas readings that we are seeing are not advancing and we are going in as quickly as possible and said the plea as possible -- and as safely as possible. the company has suffered the wrath of inspectors over the years. they had been fined for a series of violations. we are live in the newsroom. >> we will stay on top of that story. we changed gears to a much lighter note. the eagle has landed. donovan mcnabb is here in our area and he has been introduced as the newest redskin. >> we have been following the story all day. >> this is new, but certainly not unexpected.
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tonight, the redskins and donovan mcnabb have began talking about a contract extension. the redskins are not wasting time. they flew him in and got to work. the future is now. >> donovan mcnabb looked every bit the rock star as he touched down his reputation preceded him. >> we know what he has done. he has already been endorsed. he is a hall of famer in my eyes. >> donovan mcnabb has proven that he has done everything but win at all. -- when it all. >> he will bring a lot of leadership. >> at nationals park, which was teeming with philly fans, there were donovan mcnabb jerseys throughout the crowd. >> although redskins fans are
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mixed of whether he is worthy of a high five. but absolutely not. we are stockpiling quarterbacks. what the hell are they thinking? >> i am an old timer. in 1964, we got a hall of famer. >> now, mike shanahan met with jason campbell today and according to a report, the redskins are repaired to keep jason but will look at offers as well. the redskins are expected to make one more deal before the draft. >> just getting away from the lease finance will do that -- from phillies fans will do that. and other major sports story is tiger woods making a comeback
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at the masters this week. he faced a roomful of reporters taking questions about the scandal that sidelined him from the game he has dominated. the circumstances here were anything but unfamiliar territory. he gave an extraordinary 35 minute news conference, taking full blame for any pain he has caused. >> i caused so much harm to the people that i love and care about. >> reporters asked him about the thanksgiving night crash that exposed his multiple extramarital affairs. >> i had a busted lip and a pretty sore neck. i had five stitches in my lip. >> while he refused to say why he spent 45 days in rehab, he says that he is not addicted to prescription drugs. >> i was taking some of those things to help me sleep. that was about it. >> have you ever received
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treatment? >> as he gave his side of the story, one of his alleged mistresses told hers in one of her own. >> after the birth of his first daughter, he was with me 10 days later. i do not believe the sincerity of anything that he is saying. >> it begs the question of that if he is a news story, will he remain in golf story as well? >> his wife will not be joining him in augusta. >> a fire investigator is investigating what sparked a town house fire. news choppers 7 was in the air as firefighters tried to get the fire under control. you can see the smoke rising in this video. a firefighter suffered a minor injury. >> a federal judge is holding and administration in contempt of court for failing to comply with court orders.
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the mayor was a pet -- but was specifically sanctioned and rejected a request of a court order. in spite of the year of- airlines -- year of negative headlines, 80% of miners gave the agency a positive region -- rating. only 8 percent considered metro services excellent. >> one of the many events dropping -- a drawing crowds was the easter egg roll at the white house. the first lady encouraged exercise and healthy living. >> when your parents tell you to eat your broccoli, you don't not know yet whether you will like it or not. you have got to try it. >> just try it.
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>> the first family participated in the egg roll races and bread dr. seuss books and even hit the basketball court with some of the kids. 30,000 guests attended the event. the annual african american family date is a popular again at the local zoo. getting to the zoo was dangerous. many families had to walk in the street. >> his first pitch is being called high and wide. the president took the mound in a nationals jacket but stayed true to his favorite team by wearing a white sox have. he has been practicing his pitching in the rose garden and he says that he has been growing heat. -- a growing heat -- throwing heat. >> the weather was picture
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perfect but there are changes overnight. >> we have a first look at the forecast with doug hill. >> you can see a warm front out blessed. -- out west. this will move over the mountains but there is a chance that areas in the west and southwest of the district may hold together. otherwise, we will be back to summer for the next couple of days. it is 74 and damascus. -- in damascus. 57-62 with a caveat. we may just see a few showers and flashes of lightning. more in just a few minutes. >> coming up, fbi agents in virgin are looking at death
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threats against a contestant on "dancing with the stars." a man save a child and then vanished. >> toyota could be facing $16 million in fines. i my name is rick murphy. i'm a firefighte i cook twice a week at the fire station. i'd pick up a lot of the work around the house,
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>> we'll live superhero helped save a little girl from a river. the girl was sightseeing with her family when she slipped and fell into the river. her father jumped in and so did a mystery man. you can see him circled on the bottom of your screen. >> there is a guy flying down the gateway and you hear of metal banging. >> the man helped the girl and her father to a row, but then the man hurried off to a taxi. >> a major shift when it comes to toyota. the government is accusing toyota of knowingly hiding the
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facts for months and failing to take action. -- defects for months and failing to take action. >> leon, toyota is looking at a $16 million fine, which is the maximum possible. new documents show that toyota knew that there were defects in some of the cars, but never said anything. that put millions of people at risk. >> it is not unusual to hear stories of liability. we have not had any serious issues. >> that is why it is shocking that 6 million toyotas were recalled in the u.s. and nearly 8 million worldwide due to accelerations problems in multiple models and braking problems in the hybrid vehicle. >> they did some work on it and
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it was pretty fast. >> making adjustments to millions of recalled cars is now just paint on a bigger problem. the u.s. transportation secretary said that toyota knew about the sticking gas pedals last september, but did not issue a recall until four months later. >> it is the maximum fine, for what i heard. >> when it is time to buy another car, the most compelling sales pitch will be his experience with the car that he already has. >> id has been very good to me so far. >> toyota now has two weks to accept or contest this penalty. live in alexandria, abc7 news. the norfolk office is investigating a death thre against erin andrews.
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recently, the emails have become violent. a chicago man was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for secretly videotaping her. tonight, the republican national committee chief of staff has resigned. we do not know why. meanwhile, the gop chairman says that they are under scrutiny because he is black. >> barack obama has a slim margin. a lot of folks do. it is a different role for me to play and others to play. that is just the reality of it. >> he is involved in a controversy sing funds were improperly spent. robert gibbs says that the problem is not the race card, but the credit card.
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newsweek magazine has been told that he has never been considered a maverick. the word matter became a big part of the presidential campaign against barack obama. >> that was favorable, i think. >> no argument here. >> let's get to it while we can. it feels like summer out there. 70 degrees in right field. it was 89 degrees this afternoo we are not finished yet. we have a couple of warm days left. we have a light breeze and a high of 83. it is 70 degrees right now of the campus of children's hospital.
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officially, we did not set a record at reagan's national. we missed it by 3 degrees. -- at rean national. we missed it by 3 degrees. 84 is the record high. tomorrow will be in record territory by a degree or to. -- or two. we had extreme pollen counts today. that is not going to change anytime soon. it is very warm at this hour. we are above our average high. not much is changing as to move south. one thing that we have been watching our the showers and thunderstorms developing along the warm front around ohio as this moves to the southeast, it is certainly possible that parts of our area macy showers
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or thunderstorms activity. let's focus on those areas. you can see this is drifting to the east/se. -- east/south east. tomorrow's weather map shows the mid '80s and we could hit the 90 degree mark. on wednesday, the high heat will be in the upper 80s. but, then it starts to change. the jet stream will take a dip and this will bring showers and storms on thursday and we will get back with cool, breezy weather by friday. we will see the big numbers continue. there are increasing clouds. friday will be partly cloudy and it will be ithe low 60s. saturday, we will start warming
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>> night, the latest on the survivors of that west virginia mine blast. >> the international space station can be seen from our area with the naked eye. this picture was taken from the space station. the station is more than 30,000 square feet of reflected the solar arrays. at specific times over the next eight days, you will be able to see the international space station. it will shine as bright as a star. >> the national championship tonight, but the redskins not
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only nab him, they hope that they can take
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campbell and others are still scheduled to meet on tuesday. there is a lot going on. bruce allen has begun discussions with donovan mcnabb. and the redskins expect the the pro bowler to be around a lot longer than that. he arrived this afternoon on the redskins' jet. the redskins are prepared to keep jason campbell, but it is not likely. all the talk is about donovan mcnabb and what this means for the redskins. >> i think that when you have a quarterback that could take control of the team, the guys know what he has done. he has brought so much to the eagles and hopefully he can bring that to us. >> the redskins have called a press conference for noon tomorrow. a week to go until the nhl playoffs.
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this game into overtime. let's go to the rise and centre. -- the verizon to. -- verizon center. watch this, bam. the game is over. the caps beat boston. the nationals got beat by the phillies today. let's go back downtown. the sacks were loaded and then! spirited -- and then exclamation points. freddie couples was playing with tiger woods. he will play again tomorrow with another player.
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tiger said that he was greeted warmly by the patrons and then met with the media. >> it blew me away. it honestly did. the people, here, over the years, today it was just touching my heart. butler and duke are in the national title game tonight. it right now, duke leads by 1. >> a lot of think that butler is the cinderella. >> we will be right back. what if it snowed chocolate?
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move and a western, southwestern after it >>
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